Grow your Instagram account.

Today we will be showing you how to grow your Instagram Account in 10 easy steps. Grow your Instagram account!

In fact, over 500 million Instagram users are on the app every day, making it of the most engaged audiences around. Instagram can be a highly-targeted, visible marketing source for your brand and a way to develop a loyal audience that grows with your brand.

In this post we will show you how to use Instagram to engage with your followers and amass a large amount of followers.

How to Get Many Followers on Instagram
Here are 10 methods you can try to improve your Instagram growth:

  1. Use relevant hashtags
  2. Post at optimal times
  3. Use Influencer marketing
  4. Add location to your posts
  5. Identify and take advantage of trends
  6. Run a giveaway
  7. Make your stories engaging and organize them into highlights
  8. Engage with new followers
  9. Stalk your competitors
  10. Make your content engaging

Let’s see how each of these can be implemented into your account to help you grow your followers.


1. Using relevant hashtags

To grow your audience people must first see your content. This is why hashtagging is so important. Hashtagging will make it easy for people who are looking for your topic find your photos.

Contrary to popular belief, randomly tagging popular hashtags will not work and will not get people to see your posts. A lot of guides tell you to use the top 20 hashtags for a post to get more views, but this is incorrect.

You should find hashtags that are relevant to your photo even if they are small. This way you can rank as a top post in those hashtag and have the possibility of going viral.

To find relevant hashtags use a free online tools such as IconoSquare or Websta.


2. Post at optimal times

When making your posts you want to post when your followers are most active so you get the most post engagement.

An easy way to analyze what time to post is by using IconoSquare again.

You can get a detailed analysis of when you posted and the amount of likes and comments you received. This will tell you what time is the best for your posts every day of the week.

Best times to post to grow your Instagram account

3. Use Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an easy way to reach a new group of people within your current niche. This is one of the most important things to do when trying to grow your account quickly. Most times large accounts will want monetary compensation for posting for your account, but if you are in a very targeted niche they may not get many requests and you can try to give them some of your products or services. You can also reach out to accounts that are similar in following to you and ask them to trade shoutouts.

Accounts you want to target would be in your niche and have over 500k+ followers. More importantly check the amount of engagement of their posts.

The best way to contact large accounts like this would be through direct message or email if they have an address in their profile. This is how to grow your Instagram account with Influencer marketing.


4. Add location to your posts

If you are not taking advantage of locations on your post you are missing out on another way to gain more visibility on your post. Whenever you are visiting a neat shop or quaint store make sure to turn on your location. This allows other people who are interested in the location to find you and increases your reach locally.

Local businesses can get a lot of value by using location tags and posting regularly to the location so customers can engage with their posts.


5. Identify and take advantage of trends

One great example of good Instagram marketing that I can clearly remember is the Airbnb post making a political statement. Surprisingly it was met with overwhelming success because it is usually not good to make statements like those, but they capitalized on a trending topic and it helped build their brand. They had the words “we all belong.” on an image. This shows how taking advantage of current events can make your content much more engaging for your followers.

grow your Instagram account with trending topics


6. Run a giveaway

Giveaways encourage your audience to tag their friends and follow your account. Tagging is a double whammy of post engagement and brings a new audience member to your account.

An example of a successful product giveaway was from the5th watches. By tagging and following the account they gave the chance to win two free products for both the accounts.grow your Instagram account with an giveaway contest


7. Make your stories engaging and organize them into highlights

Stories in Instagram are a great way to engage with the people following your account. You can take this chance to tease something that coming up that you are currently working on. Organize your stories into themes for products or services. Explain and teach your customers about your products. Even promote your products through a swipe up ad campaign through your story.

Stories are an extremely powerful part of Instagram marketing and although they may not grow your following they will help you engage with your followers.


8. Engage with new followers

Don’t be afraid to ask your audience to like your posts and follow your account.

Sometimes people may enjoy your account and content, but need a little encouragement to follow you. Reminding followers to follow your will increase your engagement and telling them what you have planned for the future will help you grow your Instagram followers.


9. Stalk your competitors

No, we are not saying to actually go in person to stalk your competitors, but look what they are doing on Instagram. Check out the people who engage with their posts and like and follow them. These people are in the same niche and have the same audience as you. By finding out how you can be better than them and stealing their audience you can grow your Instagram account by looking at your competitor.


10. Make your content engaging

Keywords and hashtags are the bare minimum you need to worry about on Instagram. The Instagram community responds to photos and good content first. Make sure you have clear photos and use a filter to increase your engagement. According to data online here are the most popular filters:

  1. Normal (No Filter)
  2. Clarendon
  3. Juno
  4. Lark
  5. Ludwig
  6. Gingham
  7. Valencia
  8. X-Pro II
  9. Lo-fi
  10. Amaro

In your next post try to use one of these filters to if your engagement rate changes!

best instagram filters for growing your Instagram account


Grow your Instagram Account

In this blog post we talked about the 10 most effective ways to grow your Instagram account. Make sure you focus on your engagement and grow your followers authentically.

If you want us to take care of everything for you, our account managers can help manage your account and employ these 10 tips and much more. Learn more about Edstagram and how we can help grow your Instagram Account.


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