How to Sell More on Instagram This Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost here. Let the e-commerce profit come in…. or not?

Over the past few years, e-commerce sales have been rising steadily. In 2018, online sales are projected to increase from the previous years. Instagram has been delivering sales steadily to many stores online. This coming year Instagram will be essential to e-commerce stores for selling their products online.

In this blog post we want to teach you how to prepare for the holiday season and sell more on Instagram this holiday season.


How to take advantage of the Holiday Seasons

If you are selling products or services online and have an Instagram account, the time to start advertising and planning for your sales is now. The marketing team at Edstagram will telling you our personal strategy to sell more on Instagram this holiday season. The earlier you are to the party the longer your customers have time to register that you will be having a sale and by the holiday season rolls around you will be ready with a large amount of customers who want to buy from your store.

So how to you prepare to sell more on Instagram this holiday season?

The most important thing to know about Instagram is that they are a visual based social sharing platform so the most important thing on this website would be content. When preparing for the holiday season make sure you connect with your clients with holiday based photos with relevant sales linking to your products. This will keep your customers in the loop on content and sales.


Content Creation for the Holiday Season.

To make sure you have what it takes this year to take advantage of the holiday season we will be teaching you how to prepare content so you can sell more on Instagram this holiday season.

The last thing that you want to be doing during the holiday season is searching for content to post. That should be the last thing on your mind. You have to prepare all the content beforehand because during the season is when you are the busiest with sales and should not be devoting our time to create posts. It will only cause more headache with the influx of new sales.

One thing to do is plan the next few months content ahead for all the photos and posts you may need. The time investment will be worth it because while the sales come in you will not have to stress about managing all the orders as well as making new content to post.

While planning out your content you can take this time to make sure all your posts have a consistent visual theme to them. During Halloween you can post multiple spooky themed posts. This will allow your customers to know what to expect from your posts and again, keeps them in the loop.


Are you ready to sell this Holiday Season?

Whether this is your first year selling on Instagram or you’re a seasoned veteran at Instagram sales, these steps will help you prepare for the coming holiday season. Remember to plan ahead and create a page that tells a great story this Holiday Season.

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