How Instagram Pods can Increase your Engagement.

how Instagram Pods can increase your engagement

Since the beginning of Instagram, users have been looking for ways to get their posts to be seen by as many people as possible. Currently there has been a secret that all the pro Instagrammers have been keeping to themselves. They have joined together to help boost their posts to the top of Instagram.


What is an Instagram Pod?

If you have never used an Instagram pod before, you’re probably confused right now. You’re probably wondering if an Instagram Pod is similar to a Tide Pod. We are here to educate you on a secret top Instagrammers are keeping to themselves. Instagram pods are private groups of Instagrammers that have similar audiences and want to increase their engagement and followers. These pods have group chats on Telegram or some other communication platform every time someone publishes a post on Instagram they share it and like and comment on the post. These engagements encourage other users to engage with the post because they leave genuine and real comments that promote engagement.

how Instagram Pods can increase your engagement


How do Instagram Pods Help?

Instagram pods directly affect the way Instagram ranks your posts by taking advantage of the Instagram algorithm. In 2016 Instagram changed to a non-chronological feed supposedly only showing posts to the followers it deems as “highly engaged with” or “important” to the user. By using Instagram pods to boost the amount of comments and likes on posts it allows Instagram to identify the posts and highly important and shows it to more users.

The more likes and comments the post receives within a short period of time the higher the post ranks on Instagram. High engagement signals to Instagram that your post is high quality and worthy to show to a large audience. By working together in a pod users can beat the Instagram algorithm and have your posts exposed to a large amount of people.


How to Start Using Instagram Pods.

To start with Instagram Pods you must find the right people to get you into some of these pods. Some of these Instagram Pods are extremely exclusive and do not accept most of the people who apply. A lot of these groups are on Facebook or Telegram, but may be hard to find.

The easiest way would be reaching out to accounts in the same niche as your account. It helps if you have a larger following so people would want to work with you. Many times there may be an existing Instagram pod that many accounts in your niche may be in. If you reach out to enough accounts one of the users may invite you to their pod.


how Instagram Pods can increase your engagement


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