How to use Instagram for Business.

The expansion of social media into our every day lives brings many opportunities for advertising and business. Currently it is a great time to be using Instagram for business because of the popularity of the site.

Today we will be teaching you how to make the most out of social media and how to start using Instagram to generate money for Instagram.How to use Instagram for Business

How to make an Instagram business account

It is very easy to set up a business account on Instagram and it brings a lot of benefits. With a business account on Instagram it allows you access to your post insights, allows you to display your business location, and gives your page a title. To make your business account:

  1. Go to your Instagram account and connect your account with Facebook
  2. Within the settings, find Switch to Business Account

Once you have your business account you can do a lot of things with your account to optimize your account. Here is a list of items you must include to maximize the view-ability of your account.

  • Business Hours
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Page Description, bio
  • Website URL
  • Username


Using Metrics to track your Instagram Success

While using Instagram for business there should be an overarching goal that you work towards. This goal may be different for every business, but every business should have measures for the success of their Instagram account. You should set goals for your account such as followers count or engagement numbers to achieve your goals. For example

  • Link Clicks
  • Comment Goal
  • Like Goal
  • Follower Count
  • Direct Message responses

No matter what you are trying to do on Instagram you need a goal that is specific and measurable to ensure success.

How to use Instagram for Business

Creating an Instagram Content Creation Strategy

Just like for any business you need a marketing plan to be successful. While posting once in a while may provide you with a few followers it will not be enough to build a business on it. Your marketing plan should cover a few things to be successful.


When and how often to post

Ideally you would post every day at the same day. Posting consistently and often is a surefire way to gain followers on Instagram. By posting at a regular time users know when to look out for your content and they will be more engaged with your content. By looking at the times where your followers are most active you can find the best time to post your content every day.


What to post and the theme of the post

Once you find out when you want to post your content you have to find out what you want to post. For businesses it is imperative not to try to sell items and self promote in every post. You should be trying to build awareness and not trying to push yourself onto every follower. The content posted should also be easy to create and something that is manageable to post every day. There should be guidelines for each post and they should be visually similar and “on brand” for every new post.


How the brand engages with its followers

Your brand should always be engaging and interacting with its followers and others in a similar fashion. By commenting and liking on posts there should be a similar tone and way of speaking so it feels genuine and entices the users to follow your page and engage with your content as well.

How to use Instagram for Business

Collaborating with other Influencers

By identifying large accounts in your niche you can reach a larger audience if you reach out and try to communicate with them. Building a mutual beneficial relationship if is possible for you to reach a large amount of people if you can get them to post about your account. These influencers expose your brand to a large Instagram community you can generate more engagement, more sales, and more branding for your business on Instagram. This is called influencer marketing and we can help you manage this at Edstagram.

How to use Instagram for Business

Promoting your business with Instagram ads

Once you have all the basics set up, Instagram will become an effective means of generating business. Instagram will become a source of traffic for your brand and by using social media ads it will drive traffic to your brand by targeting your specific audience. We hope this blog posts teaches you how to use Instagram for business.

How to use Instagram for Business

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