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Dreams ain’t just for dreamers. Especially the ones that don’t come true. Good to stand in one of the most famous stadium tunnels in the world that leads to gridiron dreams. I dreamed of walkin’ down this tunnel and playing in the NFL. After what felt like a lifetime of commitment and hard work, I failed to make it and that dream never came true. Stood in this tunnel and had a good sobering laugh with myself… I thought hell, had I been a little bit better of a player… made 5 more tackles and a sack per game and my life would’ve been drastically different. Just wasn’t meant to be and more importantly, I just wasn’t playing the right game. Raising a grateful glass of tequila to dreams that don’t come true. 🥃

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Instagram is Replacing Blogging

The Rock is not the only one who has turned to Instagram to dump their days say what they want to say. Because of Instagram’s ability to allow anyone to say anything they want it has become a place where some people keep a public diary of their days. Take for example the Rock who constantly posts about lifting in the gym, and playing with his dogs.

People have turned to Instagram not just for posting pictures, but sharing their lives.


Easily Connect with Others.

Unlike Twitter, Instagram tries not to limit the user’s post length. Instagram has a large 2,200 character limit which allows users to elaborately describe their posts or gush about their lives. It provides a window into someone’s life that is similar to what blogs traditionally were.

Many times these Instagrammers have easy access to other users who engage in their content, and just like liking and commenting on a few photos can get a small audience of extremely dedicated fans. Instagram has a built in audience that many blogs lack. By using hashtags you can attract other users who are like what you are posting about. If you are interested in learning how to use Hashtags to grow your Instagram audience we recently made a blog post about how to optimize your Hashtag use.


Instagram is Different than Other Social Platforms.

While using Instagram as a blog is not a widespread phenomenon yet people have been starting to experiment with Instagram. Many people have “finstagrams” which are separate accounts where they invite their closest friends and post about their days and paint descriptive pictures about their days.

As Instagram grows we believe people will leave the unfiltered cacophonous of other social media sites and mainly use Instagram because you can directly filter what you want to see and Instagram’s algorithms work perfectly for the users to optimize for meaningful posts. It will be a place for documenting our lives with photos and no longer just a photo sharing platform. Instagram is replacing blogging slowly, and in a few years we will see the results of these changes. Marketers will be using Instagram instead of blogs to promote their products.

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