5 Benefits of Using Instagram for Business.

Currently Instagram has 800 million active users and over 500 million daily users. Instagram has been growing rapidly since its inception and brands are finally starting to catch on. Out of the 100 top brands in the world 90% of them have an Instagram account.

So if these large brands are using Instagram it is definitely beneficial for these companies despite still being a new social platform. Here are 5 benefits of using Instagram for business.

1. Instagram’s Ads has the most advanced Social Media Advertising Targeting.

Because Instagram was purchased by Facebook the ad capabilities are on par with Facebook advertising. This means you can target very specific demographics of users on Instagram.

Compared to other social media platforms Instagram has been around for less time and have more advanced ways of targeting ads. These options  allows you to use Instagram Marketing to retarget your audience and generate more leads and sales for your business.

5 Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

2. Conversions can be easily tracked through Instagram Ads.

By using the same ad manager as Facebook, Instagram allows tracking of all metrics and data. You can see everything from leads, to conversions, and you can track the cost of everything.

You can also test multiple demographics as well as split testing to see what ad gives the rest results. Split testing is breaking down the details of the demographics you are advertising to such as by gender, age, or interest. This lets you see which group is the best group to advertise to for the cost.

Tracking allows businesses to see what ads are the most beneficial for the business and is extremely important for running profitable campaigns.

5 Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

3. Build Your Brand.

On Instagram you can build your brand organically and it is natural for businesses to gain more followers when the business grows. Even without Instagram ads you can reach many of the 500 million daily Instagram users.

Instagram can be used as a way to generate word of mouth marketing and it is a way for customers to connect with your brand and keep updated with what you are doing.

5 Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

4. Over 1/3 of all Instagram Users Have Purchased a Product Through Instagram.

Sales are the most important thing to any business and Instagram is a great way for getting sales. Out of all the Instagram users over 33% have ordered something online through Instagram. This is higher than any other social media platform and Instagram’s integration of promoted posts makes it extremely easy for users to purchase something in a few clicks.

If we do the math over 266,666,667 users on Instagram are likely to purchase something again on Instagram.

Instagram is the most important social media outlet for all business owners to increase their sales and generate leads. According to statistics over 75% of all Instagram users have clicked on a link on Instagram. Also in general Instagram has the highest engagement rate out of any other social media platform at 4%.

5 Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

5. Connect With Your Audience.

Another benefit to using Instagram for your business is that there is a lot more engagement than any other platform. This engagement is not paid, users are just more likely to engage when they see pictures of products or services. Engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.

5 Benefits of Using Instagram for Business

In another article we teach you how to use Instagram for business. If you learned the 5 benefits of using Instagram for Business you should check out how to use Instagram for your business.

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