3 Necessary Instagram Tools for Growing your Account.

We’ve already gone over how to use Instagram for business and why to use Instagram for business so today we are going to show you 3 tools you NEED to grow your Instagram Business.

You already know that your business NEEDS to be on social media. One of our clients was struggling with their business when we started managing their accounts and now they are generating sales and leads automatically through their social media.

One thing you need to know to be successful on Instagram and all other social media outlets is you need to be consistent. Luckily, Instagram has allowed the use of automated scheduling of posts so you don’t have to slave over posting every day. We will be showing you some great tools to use so you can put in the work not and benefit from your work over time.

With these 3 tools will be giving you the bare necessities that you need to grow your Instagram account. There are hundreds of tools out there, but we think with these 3 tools you will be able to dominate your niche on Instagram.


1. Hootsuite

3 Necessary Instagram Tools for Growing your Account hootsuite

Hootsuit is a tool that allows you to publish and schedule posts directly on your Instagram account through their website. This in our opinion is the best Instagram scheduling tool because it allows you to do more than any other tool.

They allow you to look at your competition and that allows you to copy their content. Like the famous artists Pablo Picasso says “Good artists copy; great artists steal”. By looking at your competitors you can see their marketing strategy and their best posts so you can pick the most successful posts and make similar content. Your competitors can do all the trial and error for you while you benefit.


2. Hashtagify.me

3 Necessary Instagram Tools for Growing your Account Hashtagify.me

We have already talked about this tool in another of our blog posts, but we have to stress the use of good hashtags on your posts. Our other blog post explains how to use hashtags effectively for your Instagram account. You should check that blog post out to learn more about hashtags.

Hashtagify is great for data on hashtags. You can find trending hashtags on Twitter and easily implement them into your next Instagram posts. It also gives great ideas and mind maps of potential hashtags you can target. It shows related hashtags and influencers in your niche that may be useful to your account.


3. Iconosquare

3 Necessary Instagram Tools for Growing your Account iconosquare

The last tool we will recommend is called Iconosquare. They give you detailed insights on how your Instagram account is progressing. They also give a better visual representation of how your account is doing compared to other tools. This allows you to assess your marketing strategy.

Some of the details that Iconosquare measures is:

  • Follower growth
  • Location
  • Daily Follower gain/loss
  • Unfollows
  • Fan’s Languages and Demographics
  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • And much more


And that’s it!

I’m more than confident that with these tools you will be able to make a measurable difference in the quality of your Instagram account. With these 3 tools set up you are on you way to making a successful Instagram business. If you have any problems using these websites get in contact with our Instagram specialists! Comment or use our live chat and we will help you out with any problems.

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