Social media has become the easiest way to automate getting traffic to your business. Instagram marketing, if done right will be able to be automated to generate a business thousands of dollars a week. This guide will be focusing on how to start and grow an Instagram account from scratch.

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing for 2019

As previously said in our previous blog post, the 5 benefits of using Instagram for business, Instagram is one of the largest social platforms with 800,000,000 monthly active users. We will be teaching you how to get start with Instagram marketing.

Picking a Niche

Before you starting growing an Instagram account you need to pick a good niche that you are personally interested in. There will be some niches that will be easier to grow in and some would be easier to grow in.

Making your Account

Now that you’ve decided on a niche we can go create the account.

Lets start with choosing the account username. This is one of the most important things for your account, but do not stress this can always be changed later. The account username can increase the amount of people that actually follow you back. Just think about it, would you rather follow an account named @LuxuryFashion or @___FashionGod___2018.

You may thing there aren’t any good usernames left but there may be a few usernames let if you try hard enough. There are tools online that may help you search for name suggestions and then check to see if it is available on Instagram. These two tools will help you pick the perfect Instagram username. Try not to use underscores or periods in your account because they are stops and dissuade users from following your account.


Instagram Username Availability

You will also need an amazing profile picture. Depending on what you choose to be your niche you can either go with a simple logo or a simple image. Your best bet would be a simple picture of your face because it has been proven that faces attract attention. Most of your audience will be on a mobile device so it is essential to optimize your account for phones.

The last part of setting up your profile is the bio. The bio should be a short line of text that should summarize your account in as few words as possible. A lot of people come up with catchy tag lines, and others list contact information. No matter what, when people finish reading your bio they should understand what your page is about.


Growing Your Account

Now that you’ve created your account you have to create a strategy to grow your account. You have to put yourself out there so the hundreds of thousands of other Instagram accounts can find you and follow you.

We will be taking advantage of human biology. Dopamine is the feel good chemical the body releases and is links with reward and pleasure centers of the brain. This is why we feel good when a random person online interacts with our Instagram accounts.

This reaction is very predictable and is taken advantage of by internet marketers to grow social media accounts. This strategy is known as follow and unfollow because you follow accounts in your niche in hopes they will see you account and follow you back. After a few days you will unfollow them. While this may be unethical it can provide some really good growth.

There are other methods in growing your social media accounts, but they are more costly, such as engagement groups and shoutouts.

Growth for the Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing for 2019

Follow Unfollow Strategy

Now that you know you have to follow accounts so you can put your account out there, we can begin growing your account. We first must find out who to follow. You will have to find a list of accounts that have a similar audience with you. It is important that you find accounts with high engagement rates because these are the accounts whose followers have the highest change of interacting with you.

By having this list of accounts you can interact with the accounts who recently liked or commented on their posts so they are on Instagram at the same time you are and this would result in the most instant results. There are times where I can get 10 new followers instantly with this method.

Here are things that I try to look for to find a quality follower for the accounts that I manage.

  • They must speak English
  • The account must have a profile picture
  • There must be activity and posted something recently ~6 months
  • Account has no more than 2000 followers and no less than 50
  • And no more than 1500 following and no less than 100
  • Cannot be private accounts

These profiles have the highest change of following back your account if you engage with them via liking or following.

You should not be following brands, large accounts, and spam accounts because these accounts will not follow you back and will not be the ones looking at your bio and your links. The users who are most likely to convert into customers for your business would be the ones within my demographics.  It would also help if the accounts you have in your LIST are business accounts because the ones who will like and follower those accounts are already customers and may already have a history of purchasing items via Instagram.

Posting Content

Remember content is always king on Instagram. You may have a great manage (like Edstagram), but if you never post any content the amount of followers you will be receiving will be very low. I will reiterate the importance of posting unique and high quality content.

For small businesses and influences who are promoting themselves it is important to post consistently even if it is just a picture of yourself. People want to get to know the real you!

Posting for The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Marketing for 2019

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