So a lot of you will probably have had a lot of prior experience doing influencer marketing and wondered, “Why didn’t this influencer generate any sales or leads?”

We are going to tell you the truth that Instagram influencers are the best way to waste your money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The idea of using influencer marketing is great. Find large accounts who have a lot of “influence” and ask them to promote you to their audience.  However, the way that it is executed usually does not provide enough to offset the cost of the ad itself.


Find a Influencer that would genuinely like your product

Make sure the influencer you choose genuinely likes your product. Customers will be able to tell if the promotion is authentic or if its just a paid post about your product. If the product review isn’t authentic the trust factor for your brand and product still remains at zero for the audience.

Genuine recommendations from a third party become more trusted by customers and as a result drives action. By using an influencer make sure to try to continue working with them because repeated exposure to your product creates loyalty from the audience as well as from the influencer.


Find the right Influencer

Make sure when you work with an Influencer that your product will seem “on brand” for their account. What this means is promote with Instagram influencers that have committed to building audience that is similar your ideal customer. When products have nothing to do with their posts it will hurt the influencer and your brand!

You must also judge the quality of the influencer’s account. Assess their reach to make sure your post will be see by others and make sure the audience is actually real people not bots. An account with a loyal audience in your niche will be the perfect influencer to work with.


When Influencer Marketing works

A business that has used influencer marketing to expand rapidly is JUUL. They have a growing popularity in high school and the younger generation due to influencer marketing. Instead of the conventional marketing route they used a different strategy. They threw a really great party. At this party guests were encouraged to post pictures on social media of the party using their hashtag #LightsCameraVapor. If you want to read more about this on Business Insider click here.

Influencer marketing with JUUL

Compensating Influencers

Influencer marketing can be a potent tool for turning a business into a viral sensation. It can provide the most ROI out of all forms of advertising. However, businesses cannot count on luck to go viral using influencers. You have to use metrics to efficiently track which influencers are making money. A lot of the times influencers would want you to pay them for reach or follower count, but all we care about is how much revenue and leads each influencer brings. If an influencer does not provide any growth in revenue, referrals, or leads it will be a waste of time and money.

The best way to work with Influencers to create quality promotions is not financially. By providing financial compensation the posts will not come off as sincere.

Shout outs, sharing a post on your social media outlets is a great way to provide compensation for influencers. This will give them traffic as well and is mutually beneficial for both accounts.

Product discounts and giveaways for the influencer can keep them loyal to your brand and post about your products.


Influencer Marketing Takeaway

Don’t pay influencers to make fake posts about your product by paying them. Provide real value and collaborate with them. Audiences can tell when advertisements are insincere do don’t sponsor posts!

Influencer marketing may have changed since day 1, but it is still around and your business can still take advantage of it!

Of course you could always have an account manager at Edstagram take care of Influencer Marketing for your account as well!




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