When Instagram just released the Nametag tool I personally thought that this feature would be scarcely used. We already had simple ways of finding each other’s Instagram accounts. Username for example would eliminate the usage of Instagram nametag right? The experts at Edstagram have found an answer.

Well in this blog post I want to go over a few situations where Nametag can be useful for your business.


How we can use Instagram Nametags to promote businesses

If you’ve ever used Snapchat the snapcode is an equivalent to an Instagram Nametag. It is similar to a QR code for Instagram that allows you to connect instantly to someone’s Instagram account. You can customize your own name tag to perfectly suit your own Instagram account.

Using your Instagram Nametag

Now that we understand what Nametags are we can find ways we can use them to grow our followers.


If you are ever at an event or hosting one you can leave your nametag by a booth or near the entrance. Everyone at the event would be interested in your account if the event is related to your niche. This makes it easy to get relevant followers that you can genuinely connect with.

Events for Instagram Nametag


At networking events there are great opportunities to use Instagram Nametags to make connections. Sometimes Instagram usernames will be hard to hear or pronounce so nametags will be a new way to connect to someone you meet.

Networking for instagram nametag

Email Marketing

Emails can be a great place to highlight your photos and your Instagram Nametage. It will be easy to place your Nametag in your signature to get people to follow you.

Email for Instagram Nametag

Print Ads

If you’re creating flyers already, why not add your Instagram Nametag for your business? You can use Instagram Nametag to gain followers in your ads instead of just showing your username.

print ad for Instagram Nametag


There are countless ways that you can be using Instagram Nametag to grow your accounts! If you have any more ideas feel free to comment them on this blog post.

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