Do you own an Instagram Account and want to grow it?

Are you wondering how to easily analyze any Instagram account?

In this Article, we will show you how to use  Edstagram’s Analytic Tool to evaluate your followers, engagement and hashtags.

What is Edstagram Analytics?

Edstagram Analytics is a completely free tool that provides data to anyone on follower data. All you have to do is input your Username in contrast to any other tools. And your data will be imported to the database once you add your username and will be constantly updated. This information makes it easy to compare your account with others, and check which posts are doing the best, and how receptive your followers are to your posts.

What Edstagram Analytics Does.

To use Edstagram Analytics you don’t even need an account. Namely, all you have to do is input your Instagram username. 

Its no secret that data is important. This is why big companies spend millions of dollars on collecting and storing data. With Edstagram Analytics you don’t have to store or sort it at all! We do everything for you.

Once you input your username you will be brought to a page where you can see all your data displayed neatly and thus will automatically updated every day. It will always show you your most up to date stats when you check your account. 

This is extremely useful for checking on your Instagram followers without having a business account or keeping track of your competitors. 

Similarly this tool can neatly display your followers in a graph as well as your top hashtags in your last 10 posts. 

With this info you can visually see how the accounts are doing and it can be easily shared with others. This is perfect for showing friends or for a social media business. 

This is the best tool to help you create content and find the perfect content for the account. By analyzing the last 10 posts you use the same hashtags for 10 posts and then take the top two and then the next time use another set of hashtag for 10 posts. Once you are have repeated this enough times you can use all top hashtags for your account proven by our analytics.


Whats more to ask for? In addition to being completely free this tool provides the best tool for not requiring any password. So what are you waiting for? Go to the Edstagram Instagram Analytics tool and try it out! Lastly, check out our other blog articles to learn more about Instagram and Social Media Marketing

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