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Five stars with edstagram
"Edmond was committed to the growth of my account and was always willing to try any new strategy and idea I threw his way. His updates were thorough and he provided me with all the raw data I needed to thoroughly analyze his efforts. He was a team player and look forward to working with him in the future."

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Pick a plan that would like to try and you will be asked a few quick questions about your business goals.


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Using the information provided to us we will begin growing targeted Instagram followers.

Our Powerful Tools

Our customers are constantly growing their Instagram accounts.

Grow Followers

Your account will start gaining organic followers in your desired niche once you start planning your feed!

Organic Growth

Our content engages with real people in your target audience resulting in increased engagement.

Custom Targeting

With our service, we can target the most active users in your niche and post content that best suits them.

Word of Mouth

Our content is highly shareable and thus creates and additional source of marketing through shares and tags.

Easy Setup

With a simple registration and some information about your account we can start helping you grow immediately.

Targeted Hashtags

We can target accounts that post in specific hashtags to get attention from the most relevant accounts.

Data Tracking

Our agent can tell you exactly how many accounts they engaged with every day based on your targeted audience.

Live Support

Using the live chat allows you access to an agent at any time. Our agents will be helping you grow around the clock.

Content Creation

We have a team of dedicated designers that will create content for your brand. With every campaign we dedicate our full team to ensure the quality of the work. We want all our projects to be successful and drive results for our clients. In all our projects require a clear line of communication so so we can clearly broadcast the brand message.

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